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we can sail around

yes, shawty got low low low and now you're gone were tunes from a year ago, and lava will always hold that special place in my heart because there were countless memories with you there that i still hold close to me. i remember we kissed just near the bar and you asked me if that was alright and i knew then, that all the reservations and uncertainties were ready to be set aside because there was no one else i wanted but you. i was sure and i knew all i wanted was you. and now i'm lying in bed at 5 in the morning and i can hear the birds outside and i remember doing the same in your bed last year as you slept and the birds were chirping away on the tree outside your window. they marked the changing of the seasons, and spring was full of hope and had lots of you in it. so yes, good times.

it's 4 weeks to the end of term and the second year's gone by so quickly. i need plans for easter. it's 5 weeks long and i was back home in singapore last year for the break and my heart was in two places. this year, it seems certain that i'll be here with no one to pine for. so it's 4 weeks of intense essay writing - 2 5000 word essays that make up 50% of my grade, and possibly a week in morocco where the sun and beaches beckon. i just wish there was a reason to make me want to be here because right now, jetting home to singapore doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all, i mean, now that there's nothing to tie me here to.

“we can sail around”