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mice and monkeys

the get out clause. to make sure that whatever i did, i did for myself and not for you. and that's the get out clause. so that when you eventually left, there would be no guilt, no pain, nothing. that was what was going through my mind before training. before i met you today, and for that split second together, it felt like it was back the way it was before. it was like needing glasses, and the green blob was no longer just a green blob. it was leaves. that changed my mind.

no to rejection. no get out clause.

some wars never end. some wars end in an uneasy truth. some wars result in complete total victory. and some wars end in hope. but all these wars are nothing, compared to the most frightening war of all. the one that we have yet to fight.

halloween came and went and i was hysterical. literally.

“mice and monkeys”