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i hope you last a long, long time

i've been going in circles but i still get no closure. these dreams of mine are tantalising and immensely ingratiating and they seem to represent a repressed desire and urge for something more. but in these dreams, i am happy and like before, i allow myself to lose myself in you. that's two dreams in a span of four days. so tell me why this is happening because it's almost the end of the year and school's out in 8 days and i cannot have you haunting me. i want you closer to me and the thought of 4 weeks without you around is daunting enough although in these last 10 weeks of term you were probably as far away as you probably will be. some time next term will mark the one year we've known each other. funny isn't it, how all that doesn't seem to matter now.

“i hope you last a long, long time”