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nobody knows it

muay thai absolutely kicks butt.

arabic starts tomorrow at half 6.

amnesty's on tuesday.

score's on wednesday.

i've no classes on wednesdays and thursdays.

street vibe or eqho?

and i feel like playing with fire just so you'd take note of me.

this isn't a poem by the way.

i tried extending my due date for hanif kureishi's the buddha of suburbia online and the university library website gave me this

it's less than 5 pounds goddammit.

i want a second shot. i want a second chance. i want to know how staggering you are again, where you'll amaze my simple mind and entertain my thoughtless musings. i want to be there for you when you're so stretched and worked up, even if there's nothing i can do, i want to just be there to hold your hand and nuzzle your head in my chest just so to comfort you. i could sit in a corner and watch you work with that intensity and focus written all over your face, and allowing yourself to be distracted only by me. will it ever go back to that way because being so close to you makes the heart throb so hard it's ripping. i steal glances at you even when you're at arms length. what's more painful is my refusal to acknowledge the impossible truth that part of me might still be in love with you. it took me three months to muster the strength to say it and it took you three months to end it. tell me then, why does it still hurt so much after seeing you on a night out and we make no conversation.

i'm sorry i haven't made this easier for you.

“nobody knows it”