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barely breathing

and i was foolish enough to believe that what was told would make some semblance of an impact. an impact that would have you calling me to ask how it was, seeing that you knew how big it was, and how important it meant to me. even if it was the next day. and it's now a quarter to 7 in the evening and all i'm doing now is waiting for a call, a text or even a facebook message to tell me that you're actually concerned about it. you were the one who knew about how hard it was and the difficulties that i was bound to face and i guess all i was expecting was that little bit of concern. i didn't expect a text message reading 'i'm fine thanks' to mark the end of it. surely there was more to be asked. so maybe i'm making a huge fuss out of it, but you were the first person i texted last night, because you were the biggest part of it, and i wanted to hear from you what you thought. i wanted you to share the joy of having the weight lifted off my shoulders.

i guess i'm asking for too much again.

what am i gonna do when the best part of me was always you
what am i supposed to say when i'm all choked up and you're ok

“barely breathing”