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this sweetness and goodness

in 8 hours i'll be on board a plane to take me home. is warwick home? i think not, but for now, it is. summer flew by fleetingly, and what was to be a long three months quickly dissolved to be nothing more than a glimmer. but what was accomplished in these three months put a nice ending to my first year as a student. i have travelled this summer - beijing cambodia and vietnam. i'm sunkissed like every well-deserving student in summer. i've gone back to work in the army, a job i've been terribly thankful for, and am immensely grateful for all the opportunities given. the reaffirmation and the reassurance given, and taken, has set my mind at ease for now. i've caught up with friends, some more than others, but getting to see them after such a long time, knowing that they're still there even when uni has started for them has made summer unforgettable. it's all about the people. i'm going back to start a second year now, and all i'm asking for is another shot at happiness and self-fulfillment.

i quote a scene from a show i shouldn't be watching, merely because it struck a chord in me. and maybe because part of me is still hoping that these words will be said to me when summer ends.

i haven't been able to get you out of my head the whole summer. i was hoping when i saw you, i would know that we did the right thing. and i don't feel that way. i don't feel that way at all. i miss that little laugh of yours.

“this sweetness and goodness”