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someone dissed me publicly and openly in a newspaper supplement recently. and as much as i want to say that i understand where the writer's coming from, he has crossed a line that traverses an issue that i feel strongly and deeply about. in doing so, he has insinuated and questioned my capabilities, my character, my morals, my dedication, my commitment and most importantly, my professionalism as an officer in the singapore armed forces.

i am defined by many things, and one video does not mean anything. i draw a distinct line when it comes to work and my private life. so if you are telling me that a drunken video of me on facebook stumbling about and spouting drunken rubbish defines who i am as an officer, you are sorely mistaken. like you and everyone else in uni, we are there to be who we are, to enjoy ourselves for one last time as students before we graduate and enter the work force. i am like you and everyone else around you, so give me the space and freedom to pursue the life of a student the way i want to.

i know you're not only an officer in uniform, you're an officer wherever you are. my behaviour and my actions may contradict it at times, especially under the influence of alcohol, but if you know me well enough, at the core of it, my heart's there in the right place. so do not doubt me if you don't know what i have done. do not question my professionalism because i do my work to the best i can. do not think less of me merely because i'm trying to live the life we are all entitled to in uni. do not attempt to undermine my devotion to a profession that i strongly believe in, and am truly passionate and committed about.

the writer mentions that the internet (facebook) has made private information and videos like these privy to my superiors and my subordinates. if anyone has to make a judgement about my character, no video will suffice to make a strong enough statement if he/she knows me at work. so if you want to make a groundless accusation against my professional character, find out how i conduct myself at work. my dedication and passion is something i'm proud about so do not cross that line to suggest anything otherwise.