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rough in transit

i dreamt of this song last night which is pretty rare seeing that my dreams seldom have a soundtrack to it. you gave this song to me, or rather, i first heard of it together with you in my room on your laptop. it's hard to walk away when the mind's so unwilling and so bent on the past. it's harder to walk away when the disillusioned mind entertains impossibilities to come. but it's good knowing that i will never match up even after this summer because of an inescapable truth that is me. we'll have tales to tell from this summer now that it's almost over, some tales i do not want to hear as much as i want to because i don't think the mind will take it as well as yours did. but i want to know and it's such a contradiction. i don't know how our second year will turn out and i'm very apprehensive. all i know now is i can't wait to see you when we get back because 3 months has been long enough, no pretensions about that. looking at photos can no longer suffice and we'll have a decent conversation that has eluded us for the longest time, just because i think we're ready.

“rough in transit”