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i just want to know the truth

beijing got me thinking. the city turned out to be better than i had expected it to be. the skies were polluted as predicted, with not a hint of blue at all. but yes, walking the streets of the chinese capital, you notice this endearing sense of patriotism and unifying spirit that has brought together the people. everyone was so determined and so driven to make the olympic games a roaring success. this unity is perplexing in many ways, but perhaps the hardest task for them has to be sustaining it after the games. brushing aside the obvious bread and butter issue of its economy growth, it's more about the spirit of the chinese people. what is going to hold together the diverse mix of people in the world's most populous nation? the sichuan earthquake was perhaps a catalyst to this grand show of unity, and with the onset of the games, proved to be a powerful and engaging force to bring the nation under one umbrella. the policemen on the streets, the olympic volunteers, the soldiers at the airport - they all have one thing in common, and that is the drive to make this experience as astounding as possible for the visitor. it was humbling i say again, to see a nation so amalgamated and so dignified at the same time, and almost so eager to please, that being said in in a non-condescending manner.

scaling the great wall was breath taking in every sense of the word.

and it's off to cambodia and vietnam tomorrow to satisfy the wanderlust in me.

and this was probably the reason why the day dragged by despite the dream i had of you this morning. it jolted me out of the silence that has endured between us in the last 6 weeks. how much quieter can this silence get.

i dreamt of you this morning. your shirt travels with me. it's been to china and is headed to cambodia and vietnam in 8 hours. i just want to hear from you, to know you're ok and happy

“i just want to know the truth”