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and only because the sun's been up these days, that i've had the excuse to go out with an ice cream cone in hand and sit at the piazza watching people and letting brenda drip her melted ice cream onto my bare legs. shorts and shades have become the latest trend in school and blankets sprawled across the acres upon acres of grass is a commonality. i broke out in sweat walking across campus in a polo shirt and jeans. and because my essay's stuck in limbo at 695 words and i'm on my first glass of wine waiting for maddie to get dressed and made up, wikipedia has become a source of companionship as i blast lupe fiasco in the background. try reading up on singlish on the wiki and i bet you'll come across stuff you've taken for granted. like aparently there's an east coast/katong/siglap accent. really? and 'siah' is like the combination of the hokkien word 'si' (die) and 'ah' (an exclamation). really? oh and the best definition ever,

Kena is used as an auxiliary to mark the passive voice, in addition to "to be" and "to get". It is derived from a Malay word that means "to encounter or to come into physical contact", and is only used with objects that have a negative effect or connotation. It is interesting to note that verbs after kena may appear in the infinitive form (i.e. without tense) or as a past participle.

kena is also not used with positive things like 'ranon kena 4D'. it may be greeted with a confused reply 'but strike 4D good what', which is singlish too.

when the context is given, kena can be used without a verb. 'you better start writing your essay, or later you kena'

using another auxiliary verb with kena is perfectly acceptable too. 'you better start writing your essay, or later you will kena'

i bet you didn't know what an auxiliary verb was. and that kena could be used so specifically.

using singlish will kena tekan one,

i love wikipedia.