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route 2

the banality of distractions and a wandering mind when you have a 3000 word essay to write. procrastination doesn't help and when it comes down to ONE day before the essay deadline and you begin writing at 4 in the afternoon, you're forced to work till 2 at night and realise you still have one paragraph and a bibliography to complete the final essay of the year. so you give up and go to bed, hoping to wake up early the next morning. which you do, at half eight in the morning. and as you wash up and prepare to head to the library to finish up the last parts of the essay in the next three hours, aiming to beat the deadline of 12 noon, you receive news that the deadline's been extended by 24 hours because of the disruptions to the internet and network this week. and you swear in every possible language you know because of the pressure that you had put yourself through and the torture of the lack of sleep.

so now i'm done with my whole essay, sitting in the library waiting for the next 24 hours to pass by, and watching you finish up your essay.

“route 2”