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pigeon boys fly

there is an artificial darkness that dims the sun. it's pulled over your eyes and the world seems less of a joy. the clouds seem grayer and heavier. the red and blue and pink and green and yellow of the flowers and fields seem duller. the stillness of the air suffocates.

and then you take your shades off and confront the sunlight in its entirety.

everything's beautiful and happy again. you see the redness of the ladybugs trawling the sidewalks. you see the shadows of rustling leaves that flicker with sunshine's that's interspersed between the blank spaces. more importantly, you've cast aside an obligation - an obligation to sensibility to shade your eyes from the sunshine that blinds. the irony because it is the glaring sun that brings sight, and insight.

my shades now lie in a corner, split half down the middle in perfect symmetry. you'll be my sunshine then.

“pigeon boys fly”