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studying for the exams can be a very expensive and fattening experience. hiding out in the library all day long means lunch and dinner have to be eaten out. snacking to keep yourself awake as late afternoon approaches requires an endless supply of chocolate, haribo and ribena at your disposal. all these thus incur cost and weight.

the immobility of the experience results in reduced exercise and working out in the gym, that has thus led to a major depletion and decrease in muscle mass and stamina. the only things that are growing bigger are sadly, not my muscles and pecs, but

1) anatomically, my brain size hopefully and hand from writing too much notes
2) my appetite
3) my restlessness as the days pass
4) my bank deficiency

coversely, the things that have been depreciating and diminishing appreciatively include:

1) ink in my highlighter and pens
2) sleep
3) my life
4) sex (that's meant to be a joke in this sad entry that laments the state of my life currently)

on a happier note, i got my first first on my literature in the modern world assessed essay. i just need to channel this happiness into motivation to work MORE.