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this warmth and sun in spring is amazingly and cunningly deceptive. it tempts you away from the work and the essays and the studying, and lures you outdoors to barbeques and picnics that entails food and more food. and of course there's alcohol in the form of pimm's and lemonade and at 5 in the evening, everyone's just gathered outside on blankets with grilled sausages and burgers and lamb chops and chicken wings. work's been cast aside and it dawns on you that it's only thursday and exams are slightly less than a month away. and the fun doesn't stop there. a house party is soon under way and as we sit around the living room with alcohol in hand playing lame drinking games and dancing to whatever comes on over craig's speakers, we realise it's only a lil over 9 p.m and it's still bright outside. collapsing in bed at 3 in the morning signals the end of the day when we all caved in and gave in to the darkness, of not only the temporary night, but to the darkness of the misleading and fallacious daytime.

everyone's complaining that the sun's out at the worst time, because no one can bring themselves to stay indoors, locked away from the sun and doing work. my literature essay's completed and there's this dastardly research methods in politics essay to get through before i can finally get down to proper studying.

happy 21st chew chew!