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success is when you complete your essay and write over 2000 words in slightly under 4 hours. failure is when you realise that the word limit isn't 2500 words like you imagined it to be, and instead it's 2000. so you stare at a perfect essay with a word count of 2694 words and wonder what you're gonna do with the excess words. shaving off half a paragraph didn't exactly help seeing that it's now 2622 words. given the +/- 10% percent to the word count, i've exactly 422 to chop away from a seemingly good essay that i'm extremely satisfied with.

happiness doesn't come easily, especially since after this literature essay, there's a politics one that just doesn't seem to interest me at all. i've checked and reconfirmed that the word limit for that essay's 3000 words. other devastating news include me not being able to do arabic next year because i wanted to take it at the beginners level and the department requires me to take it at the intermediate level for it to count towards my final honours degree. so this sucks and it means i'm stuck with 4 politics modules next year. at least this year i had literature in the modern world to take my mind away from the practicality of politics. to top it off, there's the ballot that i've to survive to get the two ideal optional politics modules that i want - international security and politics of developing areas. politics of the usa would be a consolation but anything other than these three would be depressing to say the least.

it's hot these days and i'm watching people get sunburnt and red in front of me while i laugh at them and i enjoy the wonders of the sun on my skin. i could go back to singapore tanner than i left. that would be a miracle, but i'm in need of a greater miracle now - i need to chop words off my essay. it's like deciding to chop off a leg or an arm. what to keep and what to discard because i want all of it.


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