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when we were young

because i have packed and my luggage feels as heavy as my face, i've decided that i'm not gonna sleep tonight seeing that i've to be up in 5 hours. and because i feel like being the good son that i haven't been these last few weeks, i've put myself out there and told my parents to stay home tomorrow morning coz it's too early to be up and about and therefore, i'll send myself off. but then dingwen offers his hospitality as an easterner and decides that because changi airport falls within the jurisdiction of 'the east', he has valiantly proposed breakfast together before i zip off. so yes, no person with an hour of free time on his hands will reject such generosity.

and because the bunnies have left and the easter holidays are coming to an end, there comes a need to stop and recount all that has happened in the last 4 weeks since i arrived in this sweltering heat that threatened to melt my chocolate eggs. but no words seem to cross my mind at this point in time. yet i think it can all be summed up quite simply but again, vocabulary fails me and the only profound word to accurate describe it is humility.

i've been humbled by the friends i have here. they've taught me how to be a friend to someone they do care about. and i thank them for choosing me, for choosing the companionship of my reckless and senseless actions, and for choosing to listen to my endless rhetoric that very often do not make sense. and there are the silly ones who willingly allow themselves to be subjected to my self-delusional belief that i know the roads of singapore well enough to get me home from anywhere. i've clearly proven a few of them right. i cannot conclusively say how they've touched and moved me, because they've done so in many ways, and when one feels greatly appreciated, humility steps in because the realisation that you matter that much to these people can indeed put lotsa things in perspective. so you take a step back and reassess what you have and when it dawns on you they're all you've got, you're humbled by the unconditional faith and trust they've invested in you.

thank you

“when we were young”