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the thousand sordid images

the amplification of one's inner emotions that is paralleled against the external environment is sometimes known as the pathetic fallacy. the sun's up and we're taking to the fields and lazing about in the spring sunshine yet an inner contradiction within threatens to drain the life out of you. and when things end up unresolved and left hanging, you feel like a stranger under the sheets, waiting for sleep to take over while your eyes watch that familiar face, your fingers tracing its contours, and it lingers for a tender moment, before you draw your hand away knowing that it's not getting through. the pathetic fallacy cannot hold ground here now.

you don't know what i need now and that scares me.

and it's as though the bluest sky, the darkest night and the yellowest daffodil had settled in your eyes. so keep looking and keep staring because i keep falling into it.

“the thousand sordid images”