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apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur

and as much as i wanted some r&b ass-shaking action in phuture last night, bobbing along to low and tambourine, the queue was hardly encouraging and we ended up at mambo, which was excellent as usual. i mean, no matter how old the songs are, and how cheesy the moves may get, it cannot be denied that everyone has fun at mambo. it's the hyped up energy, the bubbly and spontaneous air that seeps out of zouk. mambo's one of those places where you just let it all go and lose yourself to the unbelievable tunes of the 80s and 90s.

and on the cab home, there came this insatiable craving for carl junior's portobello mushroom burger. so i texted cass and told her to give me a wake up call if she wanted to lunch together today. and so the ringing of my phone at 12 in the afternoon woke me up as i dragged my ass out of the house. it was drama over lunch as some guy like hit his fist on the table and threw his cup of coke into his girlfriend's face. i was sitting behind her so i had like coke over my back too. asshole. and he stormed off, leaving her all alone. she looked so helpless while everyone just stared. and she left quietly and solemnly, like a defeated and beaten soldier. sent my camera for repairs and it's costing me 221 bucks! freaking hell. my stupid mistake, big price to pay. damn. window shopped coz we were broke and made a list of things to buy. haha.

cass and i realised how much we missed chewy. that fat boy was the one you could turn to when you feel like clubbing on a whim, or doing anything else like go for dinner or drinks. he's also the one who actually bothers to reply to my quite often brainless texts about things i see, like gross couples making out on the train. he's the one who drags you home when you're half-naked with puke all over you and shows your mum your half-exposed butt. he's definitely the one to cab home with after mambo and you listen to him whine about his broken heart and half-heartedly entertain the taxi-driver who asks the obvious question in chinese - 'eh you friend's out of love ah?' and in your mind you go 'DUH'. so yes. come back soon chew chew and i will show you my new idol, the new-age mambo king :)

“apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur”