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it's half past three and i'm home from zouk, music wasn't exactly the best i've heard these days, and the crowd wasn't as spectacular as before. and they have retarded rules these days. claud and i went to the toilet and we ended up having to queue up from outside. munchies got to us so we bought a chilli dog which was actually very good, and whilst queueing, gave up because the music was already boring us inside before we went to pee and so we headed to farasha for our long awaited mushroom and cheese prata. excellent shit as usual.

and now there's this unsettling feeling in the pits of my stomach and i feel it churning. the last time i felt the same way, my sixth sense proved me right and it was a devastating truth to confront. words of reassurance fail to take effect and all my mind's preoccupied with this disturbance. and all i can do is head to bed with all the uncertainty looming overhead, and believe in the words you've promised, that we should not over-worry and risk losing all that we have. so i'm praying and hoping that i won't have to wake to news that may disappoint.