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state of reversal

and when i thought it was all going wrong, and that i could do you no more wrong, you took things by its nose and went the other way. i was all prepared to leave to see you, even if it was just for a few hours. but you tore it apart. i'm amazed at my gullibility and my foolishness. at least i knew when to turn away. you didn't. and it doesn't matter if it happened when we were unsure of us, because deep down, the fact was that we knew we both felt something despite the circumstances. and you betrayed that. i actually do remember that day when it happened. i was leaving your place in the morning and you said you were heading to coventry to repair your phone and meet your friend. never did i expect this to happen. i don't know what to feel. betrayal seems to fancy my company. yet, despite all of it, i still wanna be next to you right now. just that i don't think i have the courage to leave everything here and hop onto a train anymore. i need you to tell me it's gonna be ok, it's all still sinking in.

i need you right now.

“state of reversal”