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a capacitor is an electrical device that makes use of electrical charges with the same magnitude but opposing polarities, and stores and builds up energy between two conductors. we are poles apart with dissimilarities so apparent, that we give so much to make up for this disparity. the energy, the effort, the restraint envelops us like a shroud and i feel the weight and pressure of it on my back. we're two electrical charges heading towards each other at the same speed of attraction, and what we're building up is being stored, waiting to be unleashed when both sources meet. i know my sunburnt shoulders will make me stand tall against the load that's bearing down on me, i'm just wondering when you will cave in. coz right now, you're eating away into my head like a disease that's spreading from my heart to my head. it is shifting away from the core of emotions to the seat of sensibility and under normal circumstances, these two faculties seldom settle for a peaceful coexistence. so yes. warn me before you cave in. tell me should you ever cave in. and set these two conflicting entities apart before they start the process of self-rejection.

it's just too contradicting to trust someone and protect yourself at the same time.