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questions about pinatas

school's officially out! last week of term was spent rushing out an essay by wednesday. the nights that followed were packed and crazy. first it was jue's 21st birthday dinner treat on wednesday. singsoc social and evolve on thursday. birmingham shopping and end of term beach party on friday. heading down to wales today to crash at craig's place in llandudno. it's a family road trip and maddie's driving and it's gonna follow with nights of booze and partying and of course, the mountains, sheep and goats. again, it's the time of term when families jam the roads all about campus and people busy themselves with throwing out uneaten food from the kitchens, fishing out lost notes and clothes from under the beds and behind cupboards, and lugging bags impossibly filled to the brim with stuff that have accumulated over the last term or so. ming and bwendy are leaving for their morocco hitch on monday. jue's gone off to chinese-lands for 3 weeks and almost everyone in the house has left. it's a sadder goodbye this term i guess. the first term was spent settling in and getting yourself comfortable in a foreign land. this term's more personal. you develop a sense of self and in the process, understand where you stand on many issues. you grow a little more with each passing term and the end of this term marked a milestone in life. a greater reflection on this term when i get back from wales next tuesday, before i start packing for my first trip home in 6 months! :)

“questions about pinatas”