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the rain smells different here. there's such a distinct smell to it, like when it hits the hot asphalt and it sizzles slightly and gives off a slight burnt but very enticing scent. i love the rain, but not in its excesses.

the news says that the japanese are trying to launch an origami space shuttle into space. says that it's a breakthrough in technology that could impact the way space shuttles are designed in the future. tell me i'm not the only one who thinks this is a joke.

dinner at newton circus with diana and dimitri followed by drinks and shisha at shiraz last night. pretty weird seeing someone from warwick here, in a totally different context and environment. but it was a good experience talking to them about singapore and we were debating whether it was better to live here or back in moscow where they come from, and i think diana's pretty convinced that she might jump start her career in the banking sector here in singapore, and work her way back towards moscow.

caught up with kelvin today and he's now a PAEDOPHILE. you hear that dude. you're a PAEDOPHILE. but yes, you're still the bestest friend around. haha

couldn't get to bed last night, and i think this was the reason for it

it reminded me of you and i couldn't go to sleep knowing you were up awake, probably at work and here i was, crawling into bed without you. up in my lonely room, when i'm dreaming of you, oh what can i do, i still need you, but i don't want you now this painful longing and waiting - therefore i don't want you now.