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no i'm no superman

it's a strong sense of compulsion, so endearing and so tempting. it feels like a perfect fit and every moment waking up together justifies it. i feel like i'm sinking in too fast, too fast to comprehend anything other than the fact that you might possibly be the one to open up this world to me. yet, i'm afraid because each day seems to draw us slightly further apart. ironically, each day also seems to dig deeper into our hearts. yes, i am afraid that i'll never live up to your expectations and that the 5 weeks apart may make you realise that. i am afraid that the 5 weeks apart may change all that we have now. so tell me everything now is real. that the passionate storm brewing between us isn't just a moment of intense and unassailable emotions threatening to rupture with sensibility. perhaps, all i'm asking for is honesty, and perspective. all i know right now is that i wanna be with you. just sitting there watching you work could possibly be one of the greatest pleasures a man can enjoy these days. watching your commitment and dedication to the causes you fight for is inspiring and gratifying. the yearning and desiring you put me through is torturous, if only you could see that. but there are just too many emotions running high now, and if i had to pick one to describe this feeling, it would be love :)

the torture of one more essay could probably be less unnerving if i could just put you out of my head for once and actually get down to writing.

“no i'm no superman”