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escaped terrorists and nights of frolics

last night was probably one of the best nights out here. total r&b party at coventry which was good good good. dishing out an essay till 8 in the morning called for a major celebration. and now i'm pretty much hungover.

and as i sat reading the straits times online, i couldn't help but wonder how the hell a 1.58m man with a limp, escaped from a detention centre. it is even more worrying that he managed to outrun armed security forces in what must have been minutes after they realised he had taken off. the city's clamped down and with security stepped up, i could feel the imminent sense of dread that is looming around singapore reaching out to me through my laptop screen. what with the posters and news flashes and now mms messages with mas selamat's pictures being sent out by telcos in singapore, the building up of tension has to be nerve-wrecking. and deep down, we all know what it entails, seeing that he had planned to crash a hijacked plane into changi airport, possibly terminal three seeing the hype about it. the gruesome truth that there might be repercussions hits you, and you know that until the day he is caught, there is the undeniable possibility that he might retaliate. 36 and the whole brigade's probably on high alert. and it's times like these that i'm amused by myself seeing that even so far away, my thoughts are preoccupied with 36 and all. to say that i'm not concerned about these people and the threat they may face at any moment is a lie.

so yes. i might be overplaying the tension and general feeling of people back home. i mean looking at the comments on the channelnewsasia forum leaves you with nothing but an insight on the apathy amongst the people. truth is, something MIGHT happen. face it, live with it and deal with it. making racist jokes about the whole issue reflects not only an insensitivity, it just shows plain ignorance. perhaps denying the possibility of anything happening is the best form of escape from reality. fact is, singapore is an island with a land area of 704 square kilometeres with a population of 4.5 million. we are all somehow connected to someone else and if anything big happens, no one's gonna be unaffected. it's probably time to get real now. and who can turn a blind eye to the international uproar this has created. yes, there was a glitch in the system. they screwed up. but who hasn't? what about indonesia and mohd top? international papers rave about how the escape was unprecedented in the history of singapore, a country not known for security breaches. now imagine the impact made on the image of singapore. fact is again, we made a mistake. the pressing issue at hand is to find the fucking little bugger before things get blown out of proportion, no puns intended.

a somewhat nationalistic piece. i blame the alcohol wedged in my system. heading back to grey's anatomy for now while i digest lunch and process the alcohol out of my system, before it starts all over again tonight.

happy st. david's day.

“escaped terrorists and nights of frolics”