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deja vu

and this is reminiscent of some time last year as i sat and whiled the time away, waiting to go out. last year it was mambo. today's top b. specifically, the last top b of the term. so that's one last chance for 1 pound entry and 1 pound drinks. and i am still staring at a zero word count on my last essay due in on wednesday, but that shall wait till tomorrow. that entails me staying up all night to finish it but i couldn't care less, not when i'm going home in 2 weeks! so yes. 'the natural extension of liberal ideas to embrace the whole population. to what extent is this a fair summation of the contribution of feminism.' someone churn out an essay for me by wednesday and i'm yours. parents finally saw the tattoo over skype today and they were bickering over whether it was too big or too small. i say, it's my body. and it's just fine. ok ok. i'm ranting again.

someone find me an iron please. i need to iron my shirt before i go out.

mindless post.

“deja vu”