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bendy buses

i love them. you never really appreciate what has become an everyday utility till you've been away. went for a swim today, making full use of the sun. walking there, i took the chance to take in the neighbourhood that i grew up in, a place where i spent the better half of my life in. the hdb flats, the kids getting out of school, the school uniforms that remain instantly recognisable even after so long. unwittingly, i made an unconscious move to compare the life here in singapore and the uk. and it dawned on me then that they cannot be compared! both hold such distinct and succinct differences that they are wholly individualistic. set in two separate spheres, commonalities are hardly evident. and i guess the best way to approach them is to identify that they will never be the same. my experiences in warwick cannot be replicated in the same vein here in singapore. the same applies to the reverse. so perhaps the ultimate satisfaction that can be derived from being caught in between, is to experience both countries in their unique qualities, and avoid settling for ubiquity.

and diana from warwick is here with her boyfriend on a holiday. they're heading to australia tomorrow so i'm heading off in a bit to take them out to dinner at newton circus to satiate theirs, and my tastebuds for authentic local food. the silly russians wanted to club tonight, but seeing it's a monday, we'll probably just be hitting the bars. no mambo for them coz they're leaving tomorrow, oh how i would love to take them. haha.

“bendy buses”