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59 pence

concluded my presentation today on feminism with a question that had inherently formulated much thought on feminist theory, and that was can men be feminists? the distinction between masculinity and femininity, is it correlated, the notions of female subjugation and the politics of power? my mind's too knackered to form a coherent strand of argument so i'm pretty amibvalent about the whole issue. essentially, i think feminism and marxism both recognise the existence of two dialectic and opposing forces in society. marx identifies the bourgeois and the proletariat. in feminism, critical philosophers like mary wollstonecraft identify the rational man and woman. these contrasting forces clash and work against each other, but unlike liberal femisists, marx sees the need for a revolution, for the dictatorship of the proletariat. liberal feminists urge for advocacy and reformation. socialist feminists encourages a cooperative sense of community. Fourier argued that men and women should live together polygamously in phalansteries, with children being reared collectively. Scary isn't it. and there are the various strains of radical feminism, one of them being separatist feminism that refuses to believe in the feasibility of a heterosexual relationship, that there are unresolvable differences between men and women.

which side are you on?

anyway, found these 2 photos of me in the office that cracked me up. denzil should know them pretty well. be warned that they are extremely unglamorous shots and may leave you in stitches for quite a while.

like i said. just for laughs.

“59 pence”