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rolling good times

and as i sit here contemplating the relationship between religion and politics and attempt to come to a conclusion and judgement between these two polarities, i felt the world shake beneath me. yes, it was my first earthquake tremor. and seeing that only two known fault lines run through the uk, and that the last recorded earthquake here was in 2002, it was pretty amazing. so my laptop shook, and my windows rattled, and my table shifted slightly all within a span of a few seconds. it took me moments to register what had happened. we gathered at the staircase outside my room, curious and questioning. i thought people were jumping in the room above mine. others thought neighbours were having hot, heavy sex in the room next door. but we all felt it. and so did people in liverpool. and now, we're all going to bed without a clue as to what actually happened. reuters and bbc aren't updated as yet, but i'm pretty sure we'll get a clearer picture tomorrow, one that does not involve deranged insomniacs jumping about in their rooms and unclothed lovers staining sheets and splitting floorboards.

“rolling good times”