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so the eve of chinese new year came and went here in warwick, the first one to be celebrated far away from home. classes went on as per normal and i was duly surprised by chinese students who were gamely decked in all shades of red parading their festive joy all about school. the china dude in my seminar group turned up in garish purple-red-pink, i couldn't exactly place my finger on its exact colour, greeting me loudly and heartily 'gong xi fa cai'. haha. and i being the non-conformist insistently wore a navy blue shirt and a grey cardigan.

and there was the reunion dinner with the singaporean gang to look forward to. i produced two HUGE pots of curry chicken and it was excellent! prima taste packs rock and it was pretty authentic. so to stock take: fried rice, claypot rice, dim sum (that was the equivalent of 90 sing dollars!), more chicken wings, green bean soup (which i had a hand in making), tang yuan, sesame paste (which was extremely horrid and rancid) and mango pudding! it was a chicken affair but it was all good. and i guess preparing the food truly reminded me it was the process of cooking that made the whole experience so enjoyable. i mean, after 20 years of celebrating cny back home, i don't ever remember stepping into the kitchen to help, or at least being so involved in the whole procedure of preparing a reunion dinner. yet today, away from home, the whole process was so much more enjoyable and fun! the laughter and the tasting and the pinching of food. haha. it's times like this you'll remember beyond your uni days.

and yes, i was coerced to wear red. damn.

gong xi fa cai people! it's back to school tomorrow when it should be a holiday!