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so after a whole bottle of wine last night and a smashing headache this morning, i would have thought that i had learnt my lesson but looking at the glass of wine i have next to my laptop now, i highly doubt it. it's the ministry of sound anthems tour tonight at the union. it calls for a celebration doesn't it. plus it snowed today while i was walking to tesco. it was beautiful so see it fall about you and settle on your nose and in your hair albeit temporarily. it was a snowstorm with gales that truly threatened to blow me off my feet but we came back with the cake and dinner just fine. so yes. off to another night of mayhem now that my essay is 90% complete and all that's left is the bibliography which will be easily taken care of tomorrow. and there's the post party coz it's alima's 21st today. god knows when i'll hit the sack tonight.