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the asian financial crisis

ranon's asian. he's in need of money. therefore it's the asian financial crisis.

looking at my bank statements and the letters from warwick accommodation today, i concluded that either a financial miracle needs to happen soon or i might have to resort to becoming a stripper because as matt says, i'm asian therefore i'm exotic and the brits will pay to watch me.

i wonder what happened to the plan of the sugar mummy.

i need my red packet money which my mum is going to contribute to the "buy ranon an air ticket fund". shit. on the bright side, the fund's providing me with an SIA return ticket and i'm flying home on the A380. heh.

i need to strike 4D soon. or the british equivalent.

i need the second installment of my book allowance to come in now, not to buy books obviously.

I JUST NEED MONEY. don't we all do.

“the asian financial crisis”