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and so i think i've found the motivation i need and rekindled the 'burning desire' to actually accomplish some form of greatness here. and if greatness is to take the form of lesser clubbing/reading and preparing for my seminars/start writing my essays, i guess i can safely say that i have indeed, achieved greatness.

so it was a monday night without top b, buried in the works of rousseau and rosenthal and of course, the company of j.d/carla/elliot/turk/cox, of scrubs of course. i am all prepared for my seminar later at 3, armed with an arsenal of information about the security structure and policies of the european union. there will be the gym after the seminar followed by another night of no partying and more intellectual banter between my laptop and i as we decide whether only democratic regimes are legitimate and attempt to piece our thoughts into an essay.

so yes. this is greatness. with one essay out of the way, i will have another 5 more to keep me thoroughly entertained and enthralled till the end of the term. and who knew internet shopping was that addictive. clothes from asos.com have arrived for me and craig and we're going to devour the box itself.

and somehow the distance between us grows and feeds off our apprehensions and uncertainties. we watch it in stony silence and ignore the loss of something beautiful we once had. why can't things go back to the way they were?