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microwaveables and tv

that pretty much sums up today quite easily. life has slipped into a mindless and almost sluggish routine and it seems pretty much the mind cannot be asked to do anything more but to devour box after box of ready made meals and cereal, with the company of teenage drama. now who am i kidding with a life like this. i'm in uni afterall. and as much as i want to, i cannot find it in me to pull my act together to restore some semblance of a life back into, life. the life of a student in fact. so give me my books and my notes and most importantly, the discipline and the drive to actually pore over them. and eventually, i will step out of this intellectual pothole that has rendered most of my brain to mush.

on a sidenote, i'm reserving my ass a spot in sentosa/newton circus/mambo come easter. partakers welcomed.


“microwaveables and tv”