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just like you

j.d from scrubs said that one of the universal human experiences is that of feeling alone and i guess he's pretty much not alone in saying that. yet sometimes, i think it's possible that we choose to isolate ourselves from those who we are comfortable with. we allow ourselves to get sucked into the vacuum and we don't provide ourselves with a satisfactory explanation for such an act.

perhaps it's because i miss the familiarity and comfort of the friends i know back home, or simply because i just cannot stand the fact that i have to put up a pretentious front to smile and laugh at the same repetitive jokes and jibes, deliberately delivered to the one same person every time i see them. and having to put up with the "i-know-what-i'm-referring-to-but-i-will-pretend-like-it-slipped-my-mind-so-that-i-will-pause-and-wait-for-someone-to-fill-in-the-blanks-for-me-just-so-i-know-they're-with-me" conversations just irritate the hell out of me. and come on, an age gap of two years isn't a lot so there's no reason why there has to be a clear distinction and the need to stress on how old and different some people are. bringing yourself into the centre of attention can sometimes be seen as a desperate act craving for attention and seriously at 23 years old, some people just need to move on in life.

now tell me there's reason for me to feel that frustrated. and that i have every right to pull myself away from everyone i care about just because one person gets onto my back. that said, i'm happy sitting in room polishing up the last bits of my pizza, taking a few spoonfuls of triple chocolate crunch and patting myself on my head for completing the first season of scrubs. not forgetting how i slaved away for 5 hours locked up in the library this afternoon doing my readings, taking notes and writing my essay. it's half done now and i have every mind to finish it up tonight and then it's gonna be a riot the next few days.

so yes. every moment i wish any of these people were here :)

and of course, RCK.

now plaster that smile back onto my face. and think happy thoughts.


“just like you”