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end of term

school's out in 3 days. top b last night was smashing. got wasted and pissed and dragged myself home in one sane piece. cannot really remember much of what happened, but all that remained etched in my mind was drinking shot after shot of soco and applesours at home before heading out. and i spoilt my fucking camera. yes. the new white one i bought with chew and andre at comex not too long ago. i am fucking pissed now because firstly, i think i sat on it and it cracked the internal LCD screen, and secondly, i have no means of capturing down moments of my europe trip.

putting aside the demise of my camera, tonight was christmas dinner at home, and i successfully oven-ed 2 chickens with matt. with stuffing and all. there was mash, roasted potatoes, seasonal veg, apple crumble, wine and christmas crackers. haha. played games and did secret santa! i got a thong. a silvery flashy thong. haha. and a skinny tie. family's really growing on me and they do make you feel home, especially when home's so far away.

and europe trip plans have finally taken form. booked most of the tickets and that being done, we now have to book hostels. the plan is as follows:

10 dec : london
11-12 dec : amsterdam, netherlands
13-15 dec : berlin and bremen, germany
16-17 dec : budapest, hungary
18-19 dec : vienna, austria
20 dec : bratislava, slovakia
21 dec : milan, italy
22 dec : florence, italy
23 dec : pisa, italy
24-25 dec : venice, italy
26 dec : verona, italy
27-29 dec : rome, italy
30 dec : milan, italy
31 dec - 03 jan : paris and dijon, france
04 jan : london

i'm so excited words can barely describe how i feel. particularly looking forward to budapest, vienna and venice. it's pretty apparent italy's really the centre of focus here. missing out prague and eastern europe but i'm gonna try and cover that in easter. oh my god. eagerness knows no boundaries.

but yes. my camera. fuck.

“end of term”