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where do i begin? 
thurday night's salsa party for the whitefields and rootes international house people at graduate club. basic salsa dancing, music and partying after that. small comfortable group. family attended and we were all very happy people. whitefields 12 is family now. it's home too for now.

sexy sexy salsa.
family love!
hardcore partying.
more family love.
family's love - chips and curry.

we left for london on friday afternoon. coz jue and i were staying at anj's place, we agreed to meet the rest of the gang at fabric later on in the night. met anj, left our stuff at her place, changed and headed for dinner at hare and tortoise, which sells very good asian food. i say asian coz they sold an assortment of asian food, from malaysian curry chicken to ramen and sashimi. that's basically what jue and i had. and the food's fantabulous and very very affordable. haha. pre-drank with a healthy dose of krispy kreme with jue while waiting the time out to meet the rest at fabric, which is supposedly london's number one club. music was very drum and bass and the rest got a lil bored i guess. i was enjoying it though. haha.

next day was dim sum lunch at chinatown. food was so damn good. i mean, it's the kinda food you'll never get in coventry, and we were just pigging ourselves out. egg tarts and har kau, oh my god. you could cry eating them i tell you. went shopping and the girls bought stuff. i was on a shoestring budget so i allowed myself to watch. haha. though a pair of skinnies were so so tempting at urban outfitters. and h&m is totally overrated. didn't like what they had to offer, and their shirt lengths were so so long. haha. had dinner at another chinese restaurant and had roast duck and char siew and all the shit you get in chinese dinners. this was orgasmic. totally totally orgasmic. had coffee on the streets of london after that and the group went our separate ways after that. walked and roamed the city with jue coz we figured it was too early to go back. it struck me so hard that i was finally in the uk, living a life i've always dreamt, and that i was actually away from home. the london night line does wonders to the mind.

sunday morning we slept in and headed to hare and tortoise for lunch. again. haha. we decided to walk to camden town station to meet the rest but we were distracted along the way, partially by burger king's strawberry cheesecake and apple crumble ice cream, and little venice we uncovered by accident. haha. so we were 40 minutes late. camden market kinda reminded me of chatuchak market in thailand. bought a shirt and ear studs and the aldo sale shop was so so tempting. it's real aldo by the way and i wanted to buy a pair of shoes for 20 quid but i had to resist the urge. pay day's coming in a week. i'll hang on to the thoughts of my shoes just for now. dinner at kiasu again and i fucking hell had OH LUAH. i was amazingly terribly elated. it wasn't as good as the ones you get in singapore but good enough considering i've been deprived of it for 6 weeks. haha. finally left london around 9.30 at night from victoria, where the girls were totally traumatised by the pigeons who were flying overhead. mind you, this was indoors. haha. and it was so foggy on the way back, i swore visibility was like 5 metres. the bus was swerving from left to right it was unnerving i tell you. 

so now i'm home. it's reading week so there are no classes for me. haha. need to do laundry. and start on my essay. top b's calling to me tonight. and there's circuit training in 3 hours. haha. throat's killing me too. damn. oh, and my hair's a real mohawk now. i shaved off the sides. totally. haha

outside hare and tortoise. someone's acting cute. again.
inside fabric.
my love. 
travelling in style. the thailand way.

the hair.
bestest shot ever. with kok aka ah ming aka xiao ming
storm troopers in london.
they're not my toes. but they look like middle fingers. haha
this is for qian.

totally cracks me up
getting married in style.
little venice in london