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geppetto, poor as he was, was a gifted and talented woodcarver who sought to breathe his dreams and life into the wood he worked upon. he fell in love with the blue fairy, not for her extreme beauty and elegance, but for her intellect and nature. he saw how she refused to transform pinocchio into a real boy, allowing him to venture out and taste for himself the harsh nature of a world that she knew too well. yet at the end, she intervenes his hanging and saves him to show him the compassion of a world she has grown to know.

geppetto knew that his love would find no way to her heart, for her heart was enveloped in an attachment to her role as a beacon of hope and that had shut her off from the tuggings of worldly love. she was a lonesome figure to envision - radiant, silent. she belonged to another plane of existence, a world he was unaware of. an ethereal presence, he walked behind her, following and struggling to catch up. their paths would never cross again, for she lived a life away from the poverty and menial life he was all too familiar with. she walked the clouds and he walked the soil. all he knew was that he was solely connected to her by their common love for pinocchio - crafted out of his father's love and the blue fairy's wisdom.

geppetto was a craftsmen of dreams and the blue fairy was the giver of dreams. she gave him hope amidst solace and in return, he had nothing to give but his love. he was to die a lonely man, accompanied by his son, and dreams of a love he could only foresee but never accomplish. but he wasn't a lonely man, he was satisfied, for he knew acceptance would bring nothing but misery and a chase to catch up would break his old, frailing body.

yet sometimes, geppetto wished he took the leap of faith forward to pursue a love he knew, almost certainly, would have been rejected.