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diarrhea and chronic stomach aches suck. especially when they render you weak in your knees, and you have to run to the toilet every so often to unleash the nastiest of things.

and so i spent the whole day huddled up in my bed under my duvet, feeling chills creep down my back and sweating it all out. feverish and weak, i made no attempt to even make myself lunch. tried reading henry green but gave up to sleep some more.

but it's nice having friends who will drop in to cook you dinner just to perk you up and fill your stomach. although it was instant noodles with egg and chicken, it was nice filling up a stomach that was fighting itself. and then there was half a slice of viennetta that served its role as comfort food after a sad day of pain and misery.

friends make me smile on days like today, even when they feed me food that aren't necessarily gonna contribute to my overall recovery. and for indulging my unhealthy obsession with junk food when the stomach is not agreeable. and for offering pills that mean i have to wake up every 6 hours to take them. it sucks falling sick in a foreign land, but the people about you make up for it i guess.