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it's 1 in the morning now and i'm staring at 635 words on my introduction to research methods essay now. i've to write 1865 words more. the question's enough to bore anyone to tears - what are the distinctive features of the discipline of politics in Britain and USA? i got distracted by my rumbling stomach, this despite having had 3 dinners today! annie made me pasta at 5, brenda brought some claypot chicken rice over at 5.30, and i had like mash and chicken at 9 with maddie. i know i should really be happy that i've 3 girls feeding me, and i'm not denying that i am, but the thing is, three goddamn dinners! that's fatness piling up and the emergence of a never-before-seen paunch. i've sinned.

and i know i should really really be working on my essay, but my mind's drifting. it's full of random stuff now. and i decided to look through my iphotos album, and these snippets offer a glimpse into my mind's preoccupation right now, other than food. and someone quell the thunder in my stomach now please.

ah. the good old days of being in green and mud encrusted.

i miss the gang. and the days of being tanned. and of course, good hawker food.

i miss everyone i left behind. and i couldn't help but think back to the 24th of sept where i threw it all behind.

and look where i am now. love the hair. love the shot.

and the adventures that i've been through - jailbreak.

life is pretty much different now i guess. i'm settling in very very well. except for the occasional hunger pangs, i'm doing pretty alright.

ok. gonna start reading henry green's living for next week's presentation. the essay will wait. oh, and chocolate hobnob creams will satisfy the stomach, for now.