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food fight

tonight's one of those nights you remember always as a hallmark event in uni life. food fight. when nothing else matters other than getting everyone else as dirty and wet as you probably will get. grabbing hold of ketchup and salad dressing and mustard sauce and flour and anything else that can be squeezed out or squirted at someone. armed with a saucepan and a sink full of water, i fought my valiant battle scooping pot after pot of soapy and dirty sink water and splashing them at the others. alliances were not formed and everyone was each for his own. wrestling on the flooded kitchen floor with sauces flying overhead, it was a laugh and definitely a night to remember. i remember seeing raw slices of chicken flying overhead.

and so after a 30 minutes bloodbath, we surveyed the battlefield and it dawned on our brave heroes the immensity of the job at hand - cleaning up before getting fucked by sue, the fearsome house cleaner. and off we went, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming and eventually, ironing the carpeted floor. yeap. armed with two irons, we painstakingly ironed each and every inch of the killing grounds and yet, it still squelches with every step we take now. we gave up to shower and now, i'm all ready to snuggle back in bed, crawl under my sheets, safely hidden and tucked away from the memories of a night of untold joy and laughter. my battle weary body now craves for a reprieve before it caves in to the pressures of a lit presentation at ten in the morning.

the unsung heroes.
the mess.
warriors of the flour.
the flooded kitchen floor and part of the wrestling that occurred.
more of the mess.
the chair was originally salmon pink. the pictures do no justice to the wet carpet.
having a good laugh even after the truth struck us.

i love uni days. and my family.


“food fight”