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and so it begins

yes it begins now. my essay is over and done with. the term has unofficially ended and i am a happy man now. i'm really happy i've friends who bother running to my place with krispy kremes in tow after becoming an unsuspecting recepient of such an exquisite gift, and allowing me to indulge in 4 of them i think. i lost count. and it was off to evolve in leamington spa for a night of partying. didn't really get wasted coz i'm saving it for tomorrow when ming and i head for the WOC christmas party thing at the grad club. and i need to pick up my 65 litre backpack from tesco direct soon. it's gonna be one helluva week.

i'm missing home all of a sudden. i have a sudden craving for long island tea, something i haven't had in the ten weeks i've been here.

“and so it begins”