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photo updates

17th october. craig's pre-birthday party since he was going back to wales on thursday for the weekend. house party with lotsa music and drinks. southern comfort and of course, baileys that never left my hands. haha. whole house attended. got pissed drunk but still washed up in case the cleaning lady bitches the next morning. haha. lights off, loud music, alcohol. how much better can a house party get.

family love. whitefields 12 way. with lotsa booze and kisses to spare.

the cake. shaped like a penis. tasted fabulous, unlike how its appearance may suggest.

wesley, maddie and baileys boy. i'm amazed at how tanned i still am.

15th october. a monday night that spelt top banana with brendy, jue and ming (in that order below). cheap entry (1 quid) and cheap drinks (1 quid). a night of apple cider, pear cider, purple, apple sourshots topped up with vodka thanks to american matt who was behind the bar, and sambucca, minus the flames.

party like a rockstar!

19th october. nights of alcohol that never end. first vodka and J.D at the year twos house near earlsdon, and then more drinking with matt and the girls back home. irish whiskey never tasted so good. pictures that need to be censored have not been included. ask and i'll give. haha.

22nd october. yet another top banana night. haha. dinner with jue. tortellinis with lotsa sauce and chilli and oven baked chicken wings. party with housemates. craig annie and maddie. not too much to drink. missed the midnight song, which i was so sure was gonna be wonderwall by oasis. flitted from r&b to cheese. cheese kinda reminds me of mambo. but infused with indie and house and r&b. have i said that pendulum is damn good. drum and bass. head thumping. haha

all dressed up

applesour shots with vodka. best things on earth after sex. haha

craig. eyeliner-loving boy.

the party gang from whitefields 12! hooyah.

“photo updates”