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one week and 3 days

it's been slightly over a week since i touched down on the soil of a country that once colonised home. many things have happened, new friends are being made and new things are being done everyday as we speak. introductory lectures have started and the readings have started streaming in. my politics lectures often leave me scratching my head, but i really like the fact that they draw so much relevance to what's happening around the world these days, and the hugeass bombastic terms they use like the "qualitative and quantitative analysis and study of individualist socialism and conservatism" is simply orgastic, to steal chew's love of the term. haha.

and lit is getting me all cranky coz i've like to read a book every week and prepare for the lecture and seminar the next, and this week's yeats and i haven't really gotten about reading it. i've read a handful and his poems focuses alot on the occult, the supernatural and the mystic which is really quite interesting, that is if i actually know what the King of the Red Branch is or have some semblance of knowledge regarding how druids come into a literary context. i always thought that druids were simply spirits living in the woods but somehow, they seem to mean much more in his poems. hmm.

so yes. trying out new things like lying down on an open field reading is something that has been done the last two days with friends as we made full use of the sun. i mean it's not very often you get the sun shining here, and it was lovely. clean grass, fresh air and a healthy dose of sunshine makes a perfect day to just sprawl on a vast expanse of grass and just read.

and there's rowing. just came back from rowing practice and my back and arms are aching. although we haven't really gone out into the waters yet coz this was the first training and we were using the rowing machines to refine our techniques, it was really great fun. but as always, i know my interest wanes like the moon and it's very irregular. hopefully, this interest in those huge oars and back breaking rowing will keep me hooked on to training the next year or so.

and of course, something new that i've done has got to be mooning. haha. and i mean not only to one person, but to many people. and i'm not talking about only people i know, but to random strangers who walk pass my place. haha. so the story goes that one fine wednesday night as i fondly remind myself that it's mambo night back home, my housemates and i decided we should all sit round and do some proper house bonding. so the best game to do that, was of course, cheesy "i've never" which when played here, means there are lotsa tales to tell. for example, one girl has had a threesome before, with two guys. now that's the ultimate fantasy of most girls there, and the ultimate disgust for most guys, or so i hope. and it was concluded that no one in the house was a virgin. erh herm.

moving on, so we drank lots and lots of smirnoff and strongbow cider, which i swear, the latter has to be the next best thing on earth after sex. and so we played and played and drank and drank. and we came down to one third of a smirnoff bottle, which i bravely allowed myself to down in i think, 2 gulps. so yes. basically, everything after that was a mess. to put it even more simply, i woke up in the morning in my underwear not knowing where my jeans were till matt from next door came in and told me my jeans were hanging outside on the lamp post. haha.

as more stories came in, it became apparent that i was sharing little ranon with everyone in the house, and to the people at the bar opposite my house coz they had a perfect view of my place from the bar. as well as everyone from the houses on my left and right, and to random strangers walking out of the union. oh man, and i was humping grass too. so yes. tell me what else i did not do. hmm. but, it was a good laugh and people i do not know are actually talking about it, which is kinda embarrassing. in fact, very very embarrassing. haha. some new guy who just arrived at warwick told my friend that he saw a korean guy flashing his little erh herm at everyone who walked by the house, and that he said he never knew warwick was so crazy. so yeap. i'm NOT a korean guy. i'm singaporean. and warwick is not crazy. haha.

so yes. plenty of crazy days to come i guess. tmr's the singapore society potluck and i seriously hope my craving for curry chicken can be satisfied. and i need rice!! i haven't eaten rice in the last ten goddamn days that i've been here! haha

“one week and 3 days”