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musings from london

my thoughts were full of you as i walked along the mighty thames, mesmerized by the beauty of the london night. the imposing big ben, in all its grandeur and magnificience, offered some sort of comfort and refuge for detached souls as they walked the streets of london. its constant chiming reminds, and then grounds you back to reality, a waking of souls and the comeuppance of truth. i walked the streets with you, a ghost from a future that i can only envisage in the realms of my mind. along the embankment, the steely gaze of the london eye provoked me further, to ponder, but i dreamt further. its grace infused with a touch of modernity, rekindled a yearning that had laid dormant for 10 months. the detection of a faint purplish hint in the rushing waters brought to mind the fluidity of nature, the inconstancy of love and passion. a futile attempt to eject you off my mind, as i hopelessly thought of us, seated amidst the night sky at the highest point of the eye, taking in the sight of a home away from home. but you were not there. you were home away from home, and my thoughts brought a faint smile of bashful glee to a face that hasn't smiled as such in 10 months. yet, the truth struck knowing that love was not possible, that love divides and an attachment to home rejects love offered.

so yes. it was london over the weekend since cj, cpt alex, leon and meng tiong came down for Oscar Sierra. buddy came with food and love in tow, courtesy of an ever fussy mother. haha. crashed chor ming's place at the inter-collegiate dorm, that's shared by students from LSE, Imperial and UCL. went about london, did the touristy stuff except party coz i couldn't find anyone to go with, but what the hell, i enjoyed myself. didn't catch the change of guard at buckingham coz it was held on odd numbered days, or was it even? went to portobello market to scour around for stuff to send back home since it was my mum's birthday next week. caught the rugby world cup semis between england and france at a pub and england won! mwhahaha. that's home for now i guess. haha. but london was firstly, warm. and secondly, very rushed. everyone was rushing to get to somewhere, and it was so different compared to warwick where everyone literally strolls. there' s gonna be some getting used to when i get back to singapore next year. ok. photos are on facebook. too big to upload here.


“musings from london”