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it's you i fell into

tell me it's not true. tell me my heart's not pulled now. just because it's not the best of times, and that because some things aren't just right to do. i'm not about to commit the wrongs that i've condemned others of before. yet, it's an innate tugging that has awakened such a strong feeling that i haven't felt in such a long time. was i numb to it before? because now, it's warmed up and it's drawing me into it. an almost foreign subject. an alienation and isolation of the heart is being refuelled and is pommelling back to life.

the differences are jarring. but what are they when you're in a foreign land? so much binds us together. it was comforting to find someone who understands the unease and the pain from before. and when you're in a land that's far from home, this draws you together. is it just the comfort of knowing that is drawing me in? or is it an unexplainable force that i've grown unused to, or rather, rejected after the last one failed?

show me a path and i'll walk it. take me along with you and we'll make the the loudest crash the softest whisper, and caress the innocence of the soul with the barest of hands.

“it's you i fell into”