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house party was great. loud music, lotsa booze, great company.

whitefields number 12. hooyah.

music quietened down towards the end. they played hey there delilah by plain white ts. oddly, it made me think of home. it made me think of platoon 3, and how we used to change the lyrics of the song to suit our moods, often to drastic but hilarious outcomes. the times we had together as a platoon. the shit we went through together. it was a short 10 months, but you guys made a difference in my life. it reaffirmed my belief that the army and 36 sce was where i wanted to be. 36 sce was a home away from home, just as it is now. we started out as unfamiliar strangers, and we became friends along the way.

it's quieter here. there isn't that one person to turn to here, knowing that he or she will always be there for you. it's not like being back home, when you know that no matter what, they're just a message or phonecall away. you can't just call anyone here to bitch about someone you saw on the train or at class; or to simply say "i'm homesick. i need someone to talk to now". msn is comforting. but it isn't a 24-7 solution. it's no surprise people start getting together here. in search of companionship and a listening ear, to take the chill of a lonesome homesick night away. don't get me wrong now. it's not that i don't like the people here, or the environment here. it's beyond reproach. but the thing is, it still gets pretty lonesome when you want someone from home, or even someone here who's from home, to listen, and there's no one. especially on emo nights.

i'm not making much sense. i think it's the alcohol. an acrid mix of southern comfort, baileys, strongbow and red wine.