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dire straits

don't really know where to start about this week. just that school work's piling up and i've a presentation on monday and i'm totally unprepared. haha. rowing's killing me bit by bit, but it's giving me my weekly and constant dosage of an adrenaline rush. i mean, it's a structured training programme that goes roughly like this:

monday - circuit training
tuesday - ergo (rowing machine)
wednesday - rowing (at some river near coventry)
thursday - run
friday - ergo
sat/sun - rowing if there is an empty slot

so you see, it's keeping me moving and preventing the fats from accumulating, although i highly suspect my face has grown fatter after my mother insists over skype that my face is now OVAL and not as sharp as it was. her most recent and heartwrenching comment on skype was "what happened to your chin?!" i was utterly depressed the whole day i tell you. devastated.

i think it's partially due to the alcohol, and speaking of which, there was a house party off campus at one of the year twos place and the usual group went. i don't have the photos but once i get them, i promise to share who these people are. so anyway, the party was good. drinks and pizzas and chips. standard white men food, guaranteed to make you grow fat. drank so much and had to gulp down shots with ming. and i had to swallow a raw egg for brenda, whom we affectionately call brendy now, thanks to jue. haha. cabbed back around 1 only to find matt, diana and anna still awake and drinking at home. so i gamely joined them and had more irish whisky to drink. haha. matt and i ended up dancing to lady marmalade without our shirts. the rest of the house came back to join in the fun. billy and i ended up rolling about the floor fighting like lil kids. haha.

had to wake at 7 this morning to head to cheshire oaks, which is this designer factory outlet 3 hours away from campus, that has almost everything except zara and topshop, my two beloved brands. and i blew 140 pounds on clothes! they were mainly for winter, the jacket and scarves. and i bought shoes! haha. quite a good shopping trip. i made the fortuitous decision to NOT buy my 110 pounds ted baker jacket and instead opted for a much cheaper, but as good looking one, and at the same time, buy 1 more shirt, a GAP pullover, and my shoes. haha.

came back close to 8 in the evening to watch the rughby world cup finals and england lost! depressing.

and i had to buy my rowing gear which cost me like 100 pounds lar. ahh. i better make sure i stick it out and endure the training and not fall out coz i'm not letting my money go to waste. haha. shit. so now, i'm a very very very broke student who has to survive on 191 pounds till the next pay day. sigh.

we're going to coventry for a dim sum lunch tmr. i miss my har kaw and siew mai. haha

“dire straits”