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sometimes people don't realise that i'm now a student. as much as its true that the army's paying for my studies, i am a student now and i'm allowed my fair share of fun and craziness. so do not associate me with what i am in uniform. it's a separate and detached entity. i know clearly well that i do a fairly good job at work, or at least that's what i think, but right now, let me cast aside all inhibitions and do all i want before i return back to a lifetime of regimentation.

and what i do here, is all in the name of good fun, and laughter. this is uni, and we all have our fair share of unthinkable, albeit embarrassing moments. let me live my life in all its good natured fun because we're all here only once and NO ONE REALLY CARES. so indulge me. it doesn't jeopardise the reputation of the organisation, nor does it tarnish its name because everyone knows its uni and we're all out here to have fun.

so don't judge me for what i did, because i know clearly well what the repercussions were, and there were none, except for memories of a ngiht of uncontrolled fun and house-bonding.

i am a student now. remember that and remember it well because we all go through that phase. let me live the life of a perfectly normal singaporean student overseas now.

i rest my case.