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daylight savings

today i took a step back in time. an hour back in time in fact. as winter approaches and daylight shortens, we rewind time such that daylight hours are longer. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects 1 in 20 people, and is often link to a lack of daylight exposure. People actually start feeling miserable and tired and they also lose their sex drive. Treatment includes light exposure in a light box. Wow.

So yes. we're an hour behind now, that makes singapore time 8 hours ahead of us. it's amazing how this has never happened to me. there are so many things here that you'l never get to experience back home, i was rowing at the river yesterday morning, and i saw a flock of geese fly over head in the v formation. it was beautiful. the trees are changing colours too, and i really mean it when i say there are trees that are red and orange and are of shades in between. it's a muted beauty, a change that silently creeps past without notice, only picked up by visitors from a foreign land, intrigued by such beauty.

ok. it was johanna's 22nd birthday on friday. it followed a terrible gym session with rowers that have left me aching till now. bought flowers at tesco's for her with annie craig and his friend who kindly drove us there, while diana anna and matt busied themselves making the cake. ming came over and we headed to the hitch social where he found his potential jailbreak partner after a ten minutes conversation, one whom i warned him about. tsk tsk. hahaha. then we headed over to johanna's place to surprise her with balloons, the flowers and the cake. haha. and she made us cuba libre, which is essentially rum, coke and lime juice. haha. headed off to heat with ming and a few of the singapore people and partied till 3, which is very rare here coz they normally don't open till that late. haha. yee meng was trashed after we had like 5 shots of applesour vodka each. but it was fun. tumbled into bed at 3.30 and had to wake at 7 for training. omg. totally zonked out on the way there. and my head was pounding like hell, but it was a good session.

the cake

the balloons

the flowers. i never knew my hair looked this good.

anna banana.

bacardi black. unlike any other.

the gang, minus matt the photographer

“daylight savings”